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How much hair is needed?

A full sew in will require at least 2 bundles when using hair 18 inches or shorter. We recommend 3 bundles or more for lengths 20 inches and longer. This rule holds true for closure wigs as well but depending on the texture an extra bundle may be recommended. For example straight hair in order to look fuller with 18inch bundles may require an 3 bundles to fill out the wig cap and give a more voluminous look. 13X4 frontals will only need 2 bundles for length 18inches and shorter. 3 bundles or more for lengths 20 inches and longer. The hair in both collections is thicker than typical virgin hair and the fullness is based on personal preference.


The raw hair in our collections can be bleached and dyed as your own. We recommend taking your hair to a stylist for professional coloring to ensure its done properly.

How long will this hair last?

Raw hair is meant to last years. Unlike most “virgin hair” vendors our hair still has the cuticles intact and has not undergone any chemical treatments or been mixed with synthetic fibers. Even after multiple sew ins, heat applications, or coloring this hair will continue to stand the test of time. The cuticles being intact insure the hair is able to retain moisture and keep from tangling. This is why we advise taking care of your extensions to ensure you get the most ware out of them.

Hair Maintenance

We recommend washing the hair at least bi weekly with a mild shampoo and conditioner. The pH should not be higher than 7 which is a neutral ph. This ensures the outer layers of the hair stay flat and keeps the hair from losing moisture and becoming frizzy. TRESeme works well while Sauvé is discouraged. After gently washing and conditioning we recommend letting your hair air dry. Never sleep on wet or damp hair. This will encourage matting.

Curly textures require a little move love and attention. Like most curly hair it can be dryer than most. Keeping a light weight leave in conditioner will help keep your curls bouncy.

Our hair is sourced directly from its origin. Each bundle is taken from an individual donor. This means each bundle has its own unique characteristics such as your own.

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