Starting your hair business hair vendor list. Hair Vendors, Human Hair Wholesale Supplier lists, India, and China vendors.

Starting your hair business hair vendor list. Hair Vendors, Human Hair Wholesale Supplier lists, India, and China vendors.

Are you in the beginning stages of starting your own hairline?

Hair Vendor List is for those starting their own hair company or hair business.

I created a list of top quality Raw Indian and Virgin Remy Human Hair Vendors – All provide wholesale pricing and discounted individual bundles as well. Every vendor on the list has been tested for quality hair and customer service. I spent well over 10K testing out hair my first year in the business. The company’s I have listed are reliable and consistent with the quality of hair and customer service they provide.

– Selecting the correct hair vendor will make or break your hair business. How can you provide great customer service if your supplier is unresponsive, or unethical. All have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to provide hair that lasts up to a year.

– The list is comprised of vendors at multiple price points.

– All of the virgin hair company’s also supply lace wigs. A few of the raw hair companies supply full lace wigs as well.

The list will provide basic contact information for each supplier.
It contains:

2 Raw Indian Hair Suppliers
3 Virgin Remy Suppliers
1 of the Virgin hair companies has a warehouse in the Atlanta area.

Please ask questions before purchase. List is available immediately upon purchase.

Layout of the list is as follows.

Each vendor I provide information on
Whatsapp number

This list is great to have if your:
– Looking for hair vendors in Atlanta
– Searching for quality virgin hair vendors
– Brazilian hair suppliers
– Raw Indian hair vendors
– Hair vendors in China
– Hair packaging needs
– Hair vendors that provide drop shipping
– Hair bundle tags

I am only providing this list due to no longer selling hair extensions and only focusing on my custom wig line. I am only providing a limited number of copies at this price to be distributed until my official Hair Vendor guide is released.

I spent an entire year before starting my own company making custom lace wigs, Lace Me Wigs, testing out every hair company that I didn’t think would completely scam me out of my money. Being a raw hair enthusiast my search was centered on raw temple hair. I found a few companies with good hair, but most of them were horrible. Not all raw hair is created equal. You have to find a company that gets their hair ethically and from the source.

There are a lot of Indian hair supplies that use “ball hair”, hair from the deceased, and other various practices to make a quick buck. Being that most suppliers are out of touch once they get your payment some feel they have no incentive to provide quality hair. Hair scams are everywhere and they are very easy to fall victim too especially when your desperate to find a good source.

By the end of my search I had spent over $10,000 and to be clear your search is never really over. As a hair supplier you have to keep backup suppliers just in case something goes wrong or your current supplier changes their business practices. Relying solely on one manufacture puts your businesses success and failures in the hands of one vendor. In order to remain flexible you have to have options.

I have always known raw hair to be the best in quality, texture and versatility. What I learned was a lot of consumers are not hip to the tried and true virgin Indian hair. In order to cater to those consumers as well I sought out Virgin hair companies as well.

Most virgin hair companies are from China while most raw hair companies will be in India or Cambodia.

*I have not been paid or sponsored by any vendor on the list.

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