Raw Indian Hair

Raw Indian Hair

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Our Raw Indian temple hair collection is the Chantilly of hair… soft, lightweight, and pure. Every bundle has a single donor and will never be mixed with synthetic material. Our Raw Indian line will surpass all expectations, full of body and bounce and minimum shedding. The donors of each bundle took great care of their tresses and are proud to call their hair virgin hair. N0 chemicals and cuticles are intact, making whatever style or color achievable.

We have a great relationship with our vendors and can customize any order (color, density, length), we simply need to hear your voice. Send us an email and tell us what you need if necessary.

  • Single donor bundles
  • Each bundle is the standard weight... 100 grams or more
  • Natural black 1B color
  • No two bundles are the same but we will try our best to match color and curl pattern
  • Processing time for our raw Indian hair extensions 7 - 10 days. We keep a small batch of inventory in house. If you are in need of extensions next day please call or email to see what we have available to ship next business day.
  • Last 13+ months with the right amount of care

Natural Straight, Natural Wavy, Natural Curl


14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32

3 reviews for Raw Indian Hair

This hair is amazing! There is minimum to tangling ,has no chemical smell,soft to the touch and minimum to no shedding!! It takes heat well too!

I’m am truly impressed with the quality and longevity of this hair collection. I’ve worn the hair for 3 months straight and will be saving the bundles for future use. The hair maintained its natural wave after countless washes. Little to no shedding, and doesn’t require too much maintance. Love love love it

This hair is hands down the best hair I’ve ever had ?❤ It looks so healthy, soft and just fabulous. Not to mention how beautiful the natural wave is, I love how full the hair is & the curls automatically come back once you wet it. There is also little to no shedding. Very pleased with this hair. I cannot wait to install !!! ?

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