Raw Indian Hair – Bundle Deals

Raw Indian Hair – Bundle Deals


This raw Indian temple hair collection is soft, lightweight, and pure. Every bundle has a single donor and will never be mixed with synthetic material. Our Raw Indian line will surpass all expectations, full of body and bounce and minimum shedding. The donors of each bundle took great care of their tresses and are proud to call their hair virgin hair. NEVER chemically processed and cuticles are intact, making whatever style or color achievable.



• Single donor bundles
• Each bundle is the standard weight… 3.5-4oz
• Natural black 1B color
• No two bundles are the same but we will try our best to match color and curl pattern
• Processing time for our raw Indian hair extensions 7 – 10 days. We keep a small batch of inventory in house. If you are in need of extensions next day please call or email to see what we have available to ship next business day.
• Last 13+ months with the right amount of care but has been known to last much longer.


Straight, Wavy, Wavy/Curly

Closure or Frontal

Closure, Frontal


14 and 14/14/14, 16 and 16/16/16, 18 and 18/18/18, 20 and 20/20/20, 20 and 22/22/22/22, 20 and 24/24/24/24, 20 and 26/26/26/26, 20 and 28/28/28/28/28, 20 and 30/30/30/30/30, 20 and 32/32/32/32/32


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