Hair extension textures and style

Picking a style and wig can definitely be a struggle. Especially when it comes to human haired lace wigs that come in all textures and styles. My main objective when it comes to most of my units is time. I want something low maintenance, comfy but still a head turner. When it comes to the amount of time I spend styling a wig it usually depends on one thing, the original texture of the hair. Here’s why:


Curly hair – Without a doubt my favorite to rock. Curly human hair is as versatile as it comes. Naturally curly but can be pressed bone straight. The only problem is this takes a great deal of heat. Blow drying and pressing out them curls overtime can damage the natural curl pattern. It’s also a lengthy processes that I usually never care to embark on lol. My curly wigs stay curly so my morning hair route means adding water and a little leave in conditioner if needed.


This doesn’t mean curly hair is low maintenance. Its simply lower maintence for me. Curly hair has its struggles. It dry’s out quickly and tends to need to be washed more often due to all the product that’s needed to keep the curls poppin.


Curly hair also tends to shed more or at least seem like it during wash day.


Wavy Hair – The best part about wavy hair is looks great in its natural state but can be easily pressed straight or curled. Most human hair extensions, especially raw Indian hair, will have some type of wave  pattern to it.


Naturally Straight Hair – As stated above most human hair extensions, like raw Indian hair will have some type of wave to it, even straight. After its washed it will still tend to need some heat in order to have the polished look most are after.


There was a time I was intimidated by curls. Now it seems like the only thing I wear. What’s your favorite texture? It might just be the next bundled package deal so let us know.

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