Beyond Lace


28 Jun: Hair extension textures and style

Picking a style and wig can definitely be a struggle. Especially when it comes to human haired lace wigs that come in all textures and styles. My main objective when it comes to most of my units is time. I want something low maintenance, comfy but still a head turner. When it comes to the amount of time I spend styling a wig it usually depends on one thing, the original texture of the hair. Here’s why:


22 Jun: If all hair starts out in India, How’d China get it so cheap?

I’ve heard it a few times, all hair starts out in India. It makes sense. What I didn’t get is how China sells it so cheap. How are they able to sell bundles at retail value for less than Indian manufactures can sell at wholesale price? Shouldn’t the place of origin have the biggest advantage? Chinese manufactures are the middle manĀ  when it comes to hair extensions but have managed to turn the hair industry inside out.